Our Outstanding Furnace Repair in Pataskala, Ohio Will Get Your Loved Ones Toasty Again

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During those icy winter days, no one deserves to be left in the cold. If your heating system is broken or faulty, don’t hesitate to contact Wolfe & Sons Heating and Cooling, the best furnace repair company in Pataskala, Ohio. It’s a lot better than huddling under the blankets or winter coats.

If your heater isn’t working like usual, the veteran heating and cooling technicians at Wolfe & Sons Heating and Cooling are ready to provide top-notch service 24/7. Our friendly technicians will be there soon to identify the problem and resolve what’s broken. We’ll get your heat back on however long it takes.

Our repair techs are the best in the industry when it comes to heater maintenance. No matter the complexity of the job, it will be finished correctly the first time. If you need an inspection, routine maintenance or emergency repairs, don’t wait a minute longer. The next time winter comes knocking, you’ll be too comfy to notice.

Though major problems can be left to the certified and insured professionals, there are many simple tasks you can manage on your own. Keep eyes and ears open for strange sounds or dust buildup. Also watch for mold or wet spots near your furnace, a frequent sign of trouble.

Examine the thermostat and breaker box to make sure they’re working normally. Sometimes repairs are as simple as changing the settings or programming. If looking in these places doesn’t uncover the issue, it might be time to call for professional help.

You’ll also want to regularly clean your furnace and change the air filter. Keeping dust and grime from getting into the rest of your HVAC system will prevent many problems before they happen. In some cases you can even enjoy better energy efficiency.

Keep in mind these are all relatively easy tasks you can do to manage the health of your furnace. If the problem is more substantial, or your attempts to correct it aren’t successful, it’s okay to call a professional! We’re always working with safety and customer satisfaction in mind.

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Furnace Service in Pataskala, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

If you’ve ever been looking for furnace service in Pataskala, Ohio, you know how exhausting the process can be. But when you go with Wolfe & Sons Heating and Cooling and their team of HVAC experts, you will be surprised how hassle-free furnace maintenance can be.

Your home or business will be kept safer. Good maintenance minimizes the likelihood of gas leaks or electrical fires. You’ll also enjoy a lower chance the system shuts down entirely. Sometimes these problems are serious enough to affect other utilities. You’ll quickly discover the peace of mind with professional maintenance is priceless.

Were you aware excessive repair calls can be avoided? While we’re in the neighborhood, ask us about our annual furnace maintenance plans. We’ll be happy to discuss any info you need. These long-term plans provide periodic service a couple times a year. Not only will this help keep your warranty active, but you can enjoy increased energy efficiency. Before you know it, your furnace gets a few more years of life.

We’ll inspect all important parts like the burners or blower motor to make sure they’re clean and running smoothly. We’ll also review any electrical parts for damaged or exposed wiring.

Unfortunately, older systems naturally run less efficiently. Furnaces generally last around 12 to 17 years. If yours is older than that, the chances of needing more expensive repairs goes up. You may notice more expensive utility bills and poor heating, which are signs your system is starting to fail.

After enough time the upkeep on your old furnace won’t be cost effective compared to purchasing a new furnace. We’re the best in town when it comes to furnace installation in Pataskala. Newer models are highly energy efficient. They also run more quietly and smoothly.

Don’t worry about knowing all the details of potential models just yet. We’re more than willing to review them and help you make the ideal choice. If you’re concerned about price, brand or desired features, we promise there’s a furnace out there that will provide everything you need.


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