Make Breathing Simpler with Air Duct Cleaning in Columbus, Ohio

Man cleaning an air duct
Your house could look dirt-free, however that doesn’t mean your air is clean. This is the reason why we offer air duct cleaning in Columbus, Ohio.

Typical life produces irritants, debris and chemicals. Your unit pulls in this dirty air and puts it back into your home as many as seven times everyday, according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

These toxins could also build up in your duct work and HVAC system, possibly causing issues for family members with respiratory concerns or allergies.

Need a few more ideas why getting your HVAC ducts and heating and cooling unit cleaned is beneficial?

A dirty home comfort system has to operate more often, which means it frequently needs more gas and is more likely to wear out earlier.

Depend on the heating and cooling team at Wolfe & Sons Heating and Cooling when you need to improve your home’s indoor air quality. We’ll manage the labor so your household can breathe easier.

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How Duct Cleaning is Performed

Cleaning a floor vent
Below are some of the things our technicians will do as they conduct duct cleaning:
  • Inspect your system prior to cleaning to make sure there are no unsafe pieces inside it.
  • Conduct best policies to carefully brush and clean ducts and your unit.
  • Remove dirt with a customized vacuum while performing the HVAC work.
  • Keep your house dirt-free by installing protective drop cloths around their workspace.


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